Classes can be booked from our class schedule tab and can be reserved up to 14 days in advance.


You can cancel online or on our app. Please cancel at least 3 hours before class starts to avoid being charged a $10.00 penalty fee and losing your credit. A "no-show" fee of $10.00 will also be charged to your account should not cancel.

We know and understand that things come up which is why our cancellation policy is so generous, please be respectful of our policy and do your best to take yourself out of a class as soon as you know you can’t make it.


If a class is full, you can choose to be added to the waitlist. If you get a spot, you will receive a confirmation email confirming you were added up to 1 hour before the class starts.


Hot Vinyasa and Level Up on or about 110 degrees

Hot Barre sKulpt and Hot Pilates on or about 105 degrees

Cardio sKulpt on or about 95 degrees


We will provide everything you need for class, the only thing we ask you to bring is a great attitude. All classes can be taken barefoot, cardio sKulpt is often taken wearing sneakers.


There are multiple lots located close to the Sweat New York studio - some are free of charge and others you will need quarters or can pay by downloading the Pango app.

Classes We Offer

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Each 60-minute class, held in our thoughtfully designed studio, builds strength, balance, stamina and flexibility through a challenging and energizing workout. Whether you're a first timer or an experienced yogi our signature set sequence will allow you to push yourself to new limits. Come flow with us. All Levels Welcomed

cardio sKulpt

This intense, high-energy class combines cardio sprints, weight training, sculpting and core conditioning in our studio. Building cardiovascular endurance while torching calories will leave you feeling energized and empowered. *sneakers or grip socks suggested All Levels Welcomed

hot barre sKulpt

Held in our heated and humidified studio, this low-impact, high-energy class combines targeted barre exercises, weight training and core conditioning. You will quiver and sweat while building endurance and lengthening and strengthening every muscle group. Hot Barre sKukpt will leave you feeling lean, strong and rejuvenated. All Levels Welcomed

barre sKulpt

Everything you love about our hot barre sKulpt class but without the heat! All Levels Welcomed

Hot Pilates

Join our 50-minute Hot Pilates Power class for a rhythmic and invigorating experience. This session blends modern Pilates with full-body exercises, emphasizing core strength and enhancing the mind-body connection. All set in a heated studio for an energizing workout.

In The Studio


We supply mats for all classes. We ask that all students wipe down their mats after class in preparation for the next student. You can bring your own mat towel or rent a Yogitoes from us.


It’s important to hydrate for class, so be sure to bring water or purchase some at the front desk. You can also order your favorite drink when you make a reservation so it’s waiting for you after class.


To make sure all students have the best experience, cell phones are not allowed in the studio. If you need to be reachable during class, our front desk staff will be happy to answer your phone. At Sweat we want everyone to get the most out of our 60-minute classes so we also ask that you please do not answer calls or texts from your watch during class.


Choose moisture-wicking, antimicrobial clothing that is close fitting, like leggings.


Our studio and equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use to help keep our Sweat community healthy and safe.


Studio Updates & New Timetables Weekly